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Marcos Etchart
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Ancient Argentine lore tells the story of a mystical elf named Coquena who lives in the high mountains of Salta province and protects the vicuñes, animals native to the Andes that are prized for their wool. The locals will tell you that Coquena is all-seeing – he travels at night fiercely protecting his animals against anyone who sets out to do them harm. High up in these same mountains, in the town of Tolombón, sits a vineyard at 5,576 feet above sea level where the grapes for Coquena wine come from. The vines from this farm consistently produce such lush, well-balanced wines that the Etchart family believes the Coquena’s day job is to keep an eye on the vines that bear his name. Coquena wines are produced by Arnaldo, Marcos and Pablo Etchart, the sons of Arnaldo B. Etchart, one of the great wine pioneers of Salta Province. They believe that great wine comes from great grapes, and give special care to their low-yielding vineyards to create unique, truly pleasurable wines.