Adelina Wines

Basic Info

Adelina Wines is a boutique winery/vineyard nestled in the Springfarm Valley between Wendouree and the Aberfeldy vineyards, just south of the township of Clare. All fruit is sourced from estate grown vines, which were established around 1910. These old dry grown vines yield mainly Shiraz and Grenache. However there are also small plantings of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Pedro Ximénèz. The Gardner family has owned the Springfarm vineyard since the mid-1980s and established Adelina Wines in 2000, with winemakers Jen Gardner and Col McBryde taking over responsibility for production in 2003. Whereas their ‘other’ project, Some Young Punks really pushed the envelope with imagery, varietal selections and style, Adelina is focused on purity and classic wines of Clare. They have chosen to make wines that are expressive in style with serious old vine intensity and concentration, utilizing traditional hands-on techniques. Each wine is made on individual merit, dependent on the characteristics of the fruit of that year, in order to achieve the best possible wine, opposed to using a prescribed method. Strictly limited volumes of each wine are made; hereby total production is around 500 cases per year. The Adelina symbol, a circle within a square, within a circle: creativity and passion is represented as the inner circle, as they form the core of our beliefs. Excellence is represented by the square, as it is the standard that informs our choices about methodology and execution. The outer circle signifies integrity, as it is consistent, complete and all encompassing.

South Australia
Sub region:
Clare Valley
Year founded:
Jen Gardner, Col McBryde
Jen Gardner, Col McBryde
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