Martine's Wines

Basic Info

France, Austria, Portugal
Gregory Castells
Martine Saunier
Year founded:

“For me, a great red Burgundy has to be flawless, with firm structure, rich berry flavors, clean without filtration. It’s not a heavy wine, but a haunting one.” (Martine Saunier, Founder/Owner) The first woman to establish a wine importing company in the United States, Martine Saunier founded Martine's Wines Inc. in 1979. Martine acted as an importer, wholesaler and distributor of some of the finest wines in France, as well as from the Douro Valley in Portugal. Thirst Wine Merchants are proud to represent this amazing portfolio in the Oklahoma market. In December 2012, Saunier sold her business to Gregory Castells and Kate Laughlin after years of searching for the right hands for her legacy to fall into. ¶"I've known Gregory for a long time. He was a good client," said Saunier. "We met recently and he was thinking of starting an Internet wine company, so I said, 'You should run my company. You know my wines inside out.'", she said in an interview with Wine Spectator (Jan. 2013).